Who we are

2023 may be our first Basingstoke Comic Con event, but it’s not our first rodeo. We’ve been in the event industry for the last 9 years and attending comic cons for even longer.

Our experience includes royal occasions with 60K members of the public through to intimate events with only 200. It has given us the perfect skills to organise and host a Comic Con event like no other.

Basingstoke Comic Con is a Comic Con and Convention combined, offering the best of both.

Having attended Comic Cons and Conventions around the world, we have taken the elements we love and improved the elements we don’t. Queuing being a major one! Our mission is to create a unique and enjoyable event accessible to all.


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What makes us special

We’re an independently financed convention, passionate about giving you a more intimate and immersive experience with a limited number of tickets being sold. The event will have a total of only 2,700 tickets with a maximum of 1,500 each day. It means queues will be limited, you’ll be closer to guests, and have access to some amazing vendors from in and around Basingstoke.

All our guests have been carefully chosen because they have appeared in one of four shows: Supernatural, Sandman, Umbrella Academy, and Stargate. Our careful selection enables us to create more of a Convention environment with interesting stage events and group photo opportunities.

Our Venue

We chose Hampshire Court Hotel because it’s the only hotel in Basingstoke large enough for this event! We have taken over the whole of the hotel for three days, creating a 850-seated theatre for stage events and two 100ft Marquees on the outside tennis courts for vendors.

Giving back

We will be supporting two charities with this event, the first is Legacy of War Foundation, and the second, is Worldwide Cancer Research. Both charities are very close to our hearts, especially as one of the main people organising the is a cancer survivor themselves.


Visit Legacy of War Visit Worldwide Cancer Research
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