Cosplay is a huge part of every Comic Con

At Basingstoke Comic Con, everyone is invited to dress up to display their love for their favourite characters. So, if you’re considering attending in cosplay as your favourite superhero, anime or video game character, Supernatural or Stargate character – you won’t be alone!

On the Saturday evening we’ll be having a Costume Competition. A chance for fame for all cosplayers. Where we will be awarding prizes to those whose efforts they deem to be the best.


Cosplay restrictions

While Cosplay is welcome in all parts of the show, it is necessary to set some restrictions in particular metal blades (sharp or blunt), working projectile weapons, and wooden or metal bats & paddles are all forbidden.

Nudity is not permitted, nor are exposed costume or prosthetic genitalia. Adult fetish attire such as extreme BDSM gear is also unsuitable. Attire or costumes with the following: insensitive or unnecessary use of makeup, profanities or sexual acts; inciting of hate or crime; and uniforms, emblems, or flags of organisations responsible for crimes against humanity are unacceptable.

Basingstoke Comic Con reserve the right to deny entry, withdraw access, or cancel tickets without refund to anyone deemed to be breaking these rules. Security for the event and venue reserve the right to reject or confiscate any weapon or prop if deemed likely to cause a nuisance. Confiscated items, that can legally be returned to you, can be collected as you leave the event.

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