Meet & Greet Terms

  1. A Meet & Greet ticket will give you the opportunity to spend 35 minutes together with 1 actor, talking directly to them while having a non- alcoholic drink.
  2. At every Meet & Greet there will up to 20 attendees + 1 guest. On occasion one or two extra guests can be in attendance as well.
  3. Each ticket is for one attendee only and is non-transferrable
  4. Please check the schedule in your registration pack when you arrive at the event to confirm the time of your Meet & Greet
  5. Photos, autographs, and any sort of recording are NOT permitted
  6. Please note that in order to attend a Meet & Greet you must hold a valid entry ticket to the event.
  7. Basingstoke Comic Con reserves the right to reject any potential purchaser or winner for any reason we deem appropriate.
  8. You must be 18 years of age or older to attend.
  9. This event is for social purposes only. Keep conversation and questions light and pleasant  – professional agendas (i.e., pitching ideas, scripts etc…) will not be allowed.
  10. Be fair to your fellow attendees and share the celebrity’s time.
  11. The schedule of events listing the time/location of the Meet&Greet will be found on our website the Wednesday afternoon of convention week.  You can also pick-up a printed schedule at the convention
  12. No recording and/or posting transcripts of these Meet & Greets.  These M&G are private and are not audio or videotaped and are not transcribed or posted in any way.  Information heard or obtained from the meet & greets may not be posted or disseminated in any way.  This is to protect the requests of our actors who wish to keep these Meet & Greets private.
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