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Abiiko is an artist based in Basingstoke. He started his career in 2021 making fan art based on manga and anime, but is now more focused on creating original art. His work is sold as postcards and posters, but he is looking to branch out into clothing design and other merchandise. His art is a mixture of character design and evocative city landscapes.


In addition to creating drawings, Abiiko has also entered several competitions with his original mangas, however, these are not yet for sale. Abiiko uses digital media to create his art using Clip Studio Paint and Photoshop.


Currently, Abiiko studies art at college and is planning to attend an art university in the near future. After graduating from college, he is planning to spend some time in Japan to further study Japanese-style art.


His work has been sold both in the UK and internationally. Abiiko frequently exhibits his work at conventions all over the country. He also frequently does commissions for people, creating book covers, logos, avatars and portraits. He is open to take commissions at the convention.


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Abiiko Art
Abiiko Art
Abiiko Art
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