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Austromancy Crafting Co. was developed in 2021 and started with only three candles in our Winds Collection. Polar Easterlies, scented with cinnamon and orange, Doldrums, scented with sandalwood, and Trade Winds, scented with vanilla. Using the concept that the term austromancy is defined as the divination of wind as the first inspiration for our candles. Since that point our collections have continued to grow and new products added to existing collections. Westerlies, with berries and rosemary, was a lovely addition to the Winds Collection itself. Our Crystal Collection followed the Winds Collection and was inspired by the names of the Full Moons from the First Nations in North America. Each of these candles also holds a crystal that correlates to the full moons themselves. Each has their own scent which complement the names of the candles themselves .Some of the names include Wolf Moon (January, white tea and sage), Snow Moon (February, sage and pomegranate), Buck Moon (June, bergamot and woodlands), Corn Moon (September, lemon and lavender) and Hunters Moon (October, woodlands and campfire).

We then added our Mountains of Middle Earth Collection which includes mountains that are inspired by the mountains of Mount Doom, the Mines of Moria, Iron Hills, Lonely Mountain, White Mountain and Minis Tirith. The next collection we added was our Skulls of Magic. These candles are inspired by the different spells from Dungeons and Dragons thus creating different skulls that are scented and coloured inspired by the spells, Hellish Rebuke, Restraining Vines, Faerie Fire, Spiritual Weapon and Revivify. The different collections then expanded quickly with our Mountains of the World Collection which includes the Himalayas, the Rockies, the Nordic Fjells, and the Rainbow Mountain of Peru, Vinicunca. This was followed by our Tavern Collection which takes inspiration from different pubs that you could start at in your Dungeons and Dragons adventure, including our Tipsy Tavern, Sunken Treasure Inn, Velvet Flower, Jasmine Dragon, and Westemnet Roastery. We then continued to include our diffusers which take inspiration from the Witcher’s potions, such as Golden Oriole, Cat Potion and White Gull, as well as our crystal infused diffusers of Solar and Lunar Eclipse. Finally this year we made the addition to our collection with the Jotunn Collection using inspiration from the giants in Norse Mythology, Fire Giant, Mountain Giant and Frost Giant. Both these and our skull candles have wood wicks within them that allow for a cracking to occur with each burn.

Our candles, while each having inspiration, we are also focused on sustainability with all of our products. We use soy wax in all of our candles, which is vegan, as well as our fragrance oils we use. Our base oil for all our diffusers is also vegan and the wax, diffuser and fragrance oils are all cruelty free. Many of our packaging elements are recyclable, including the jars, cardboard and paper products as well as the reusability of the bags that the products come in. We also use as many fragrance oils that are paraben, petroleum, sulphate and phthalate free. We make it our focus to ensure we can be as sustainable with our products as we can.


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