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If you love movies and you love your vintage then Movie Maniacs may just have what you’re after to spruce up the man cave or living room. Specialising in creating vintage style film and television art and replica newspaper props, the design duo are passionate about classic movies and TV shows and are dedicated to creating authentic and high-quality products that appeal to both movie fans and admirers of the vintage aesthetic alike.

Using a combination of traditional and modern techniques they reinterpret and recycle old propaganda, travel and advertising art from a bygone era using hand-drawn illustrations, digital art, and photo manipulation techniques.

Available in a range of formats, from postcard size up to A1. Each piece is carefully researched and crafted to capture the essence of the movie or TV show it represents. The designs are rich in detail and color, and they have a timeless quality that makes them perfect for decorating homes, offices, or any space that needs a touch of classic Hollywood style.

In addition to their artwork, the guys also produce high-quality replica prop signs. Their replicas are made with the highest level of attention to detail, and they are designed to be as close to the original props as possible.

Known for their custom work, they have created art for a variety of clients, including movie studios, Directors and private collectors.

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Movie Maniacs poster
Movie Maniacs poster
Movie Maniacs poster
Movie Maniacs poster
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