Orbus Studios

Orbus Studios Animation & Comics is a one-person franchise run by Joey S. Hutton, a talented independent comic book creator and 2D animator. Based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England, Orbus Studios specializes in producing multiple series in different genres, both in comic and animated format, featuring over 100 unique characters. The franchise has a diverse range of series, from the socially awkward protagonist coming of age in ‘That’s How Sally Walks’, to the edgy globetrotting adventure featuring mythical monsters in ‘Search For Catharsis’, and the experimental short comics anthology ‘Acrylic Vent’.


Joey’s newest series, ‘Tales Of Mestrya’, marks their first entry into the fantasy and magic genre. This franchise showcases Joey’s ability to create compelling characters and unique storylines. They are passionate about storytelling and creativity, which is evident in their work, and they strive to bring fresh and exciting content to their audience. Orbus Studios Animation & Comics has gained a loyal following, thanks to Joey’s dedication to producing high-quality work that engages and entertains readers and viewers alike.


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Orbus Studios
Orbus Studios
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