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Whittaker’s Wands take (mostly) locally foraged or reclaimed wood and hand carve it into its own unique wand shape.  The wand is sanded to a very high degree (for the wood workers, at least 320 grit but usually 400 to 600 grit) to give that glorious tactility that real wood affords.  Once the wand is sanded it is usually stained using high quality wood stains and then given at least three coats of finishing oil to protect the wood and give that lasting real wood feel.

It is recommended that the wand is finished with an oil finish because it gives the best tactile experience. However, if a commission is made, your design and preferences will be paramount. The other finishes offered include the use French Polish, Melamine Varnish, or Polyurethane Varnish.

Carving, of runes, words, decorations, etc., can be done at extra cost; how much entirely depends on how complex or time consuming the work is.

Whittaker’s Wands can also make other wooden items and props, but these one-offs will require an estimate.

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This is a piece that shows an example of the carving abilities and represents what could be created for a commission.

This is a piece to show the natural features maintained and showcased in the wands. The stand with all the wands provided was also made by Whittaker’s Wands.


A bear-shaped jigsaw puzzle, the most complex puzzle so far.

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