To make our event a success, we need people, enthusiasts who are passionate about Comic Cons with a friendly, helpful, personable manner to support variety of roles at our event.

This can include:

Registration: Making sure people are checked in and received their convention packs quickly

Main Hall: Check IDs of those entering the hall and ensuring no one is recording the guest talks

Photo Session: Queue control and ensuring those entering the room hold tickets for the session

Autograph Session: Ensuring items are appropriate to be signed and ensuring those entering the room have had their number called

And most importantly helping people who are lost or just need a friendly face when they need help.

In return:

Well, we don’t do volunteers, so you will be paid an hourly rate. The rate will vary depending on your level of skills and experience and which role you are recruited for. However, we are committed to paying the Real Living Wage and believe all adults deserve to be treated equally, regardless of age.

Plus if you want to get an auto or photo of any of the guests, we will make sure that you have time to do this.

If you are interested, please email

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